5 Brilliantly executed guerrilla marketing campaigns

Guerrilla marketing is an incredibly effective way to get your message out to a diverse range of people and is becoming widely popular with advertisers. But what is it exactly? Well, it’s an innovative strategy for broadcasting an idea and is often done using unconventional methods (think graffiti, sticker bombing and flash mobs) in a localized way. The term ‘guerrilla’ itself refers to the use of abstract tactics to reach a specific goal in an unforgiving environment –  the same thing applies to advertising. These brands are using guerrilla marketing in creative and exciting ways – here are a few of our favourites!

Coke has established a reputation for effective guerilla marketing by developing very unique vending machines and placing them in public areas to generate interest in whatever campaigns they have running at the time. And this one for the release of the James Bond movie, Skyfall, was no exception! Coke placed a special vending machine in a busy train station and gave customers the chance to win free passes to the film. Participants had to rush to a nearby platform within 70 seconds to win their prize. The catch? There was a number of premeditated ‘obstacles’ for them to bypass before they could claim the reward. Giving them not only the chance to win James Bond tickets, but to also live out a real-life James Bond experience. Very clever marketing that can’t help but put a smile on your face!

2. UTEC – Water-Generating Billboard

In a lead up to applications opening at the University of Engineering and Technology, the college were looking for an impactful way to encourage applications from new students. They developed a water-generating billboard that utilized the humidity in the air to produce clean drinking water for the general public. This was placed in an impoverished desert area in Peru where water is desperately needed. This manages to demonstrate the initiative and brilliance of the students attending UTEC, promotes the university in a positive light and certainly encourages new applicants to sign up to the school.

3. Science World – Outdoor Advertising

The Science World museum in Vancouver, Canada took the concept ‘Science can be fun’ and turned it into something that the public could see and interactive with. Using incredible facts, the museum executed a number of different ads to promote the business. One stand-out being a billboard displaying “2oz. of gold can cover a billboard” and proved the point by literally covering it with real gold valued at over $6000! The agency behind the campaign even had to hire a 24/7 security guard to make sure it wasn’t stolen. Other advertising methods used included a specially developed “pool” allowing people to walk on water, posters that visually got across the factual message they were trying to convey and even a giant litter box (poop included) telling people that ‘Tigers will use a litter box’. A great example of how simple ideas can make a huge impact and really grab the public’s attention.

4. Fitness First – Bus Stop Scales

In an attempt to encourage people to join their gyms, Fitness First installed a ‘bus stop scale’ which indicated the weight of waiting commuters as they sat down. This simple and creative concept may seem a bit confronting, but it manages to target the desired demographic.

5. Happiness Coke Machine

Yet another fantastic example of Coke’s creativity and ingenuity when it comes to thinking outside the box! Again, they have used their vending machines as a platform to spread their ‘Happiness’ campaign message in an imaginative and memorable way. This time, a vending machine was placed in a college campus, ready to reward any customer purchasing a coke from the machine. With some customers receiving extra prizes that they could then share with their fellow students. These surprise freebies included bottles and glasses of coke, flowers, balloon animals, pizza and a sandwich over a metre long! With the campaign asking “Where will happiness strike next?” this feel-good marketing strategy ties in seamlessly with Coke’s brand identity, and went viral with well over five million views on Youtube.

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